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of lemons and sand

Apr. 9th, 2010 | 04:04 am
staying static at |: SM06
feeling |: sleepy sleepy
my anti-drug | : voices of the guys and football on tv

 Doing group project at the last minute is tiring. Why oh why did I not learn from my past mistake??? Plus I should have known that grouping with guys is giving me headaches. All they know is referring to me (as the only girl) to start the project etc etc. One member is a sleeping partner. He did not even do anything...!!! All he know is talk like he knows it all while he did not even understand the circuit or even some of the components!!! It's usually us three (me, Hl, Wy) that did it all and search for everything that is needed. He only knows shopping, shopping and shopping....I swear he is like a girl!!! Even worst than me! Today is the second day we have a mini sleep-over at Hl's house. LOL. And I'm the only girls....I'm scared for my safety!!!! nuuuuu!!!! >.< But then again, tomorrow is the day we present our project demo so today is the last day we're going to get together like this without feeling guilty T.T 

Our project is still not finish. I'm worried here. The course mark for this is 70%....!! That's a lot!!! I hope we can finish this by tonight. I'm tired of sleeping at 5am or 6am only to be awake in the next 2 hours for class. At least my part of the work is done! LOL. Since the sleeping partner not doing an work, I have to take over his job instead of just doing the report and log book. So that means my work is double!! Oh noes!! I hate that guy...Really really really hate him...!!!!!

I'll put the pictures of our project in my next post  as I'm using Hl's laptop and he didn't have pictures!!!! :)
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Feb. 18th, 2010 | 01:04 am
feeling |: distressed distressed
my anti-drug | : The Corrs - Only When I Sleep

i dunno what to say. One minute I was texting with Hz from my diploma class about our reunion trip to Redang and the next thing I know my sort-of-boyfriend-that-I-don't-think-I-want, Hs, texted me saying he misssed me after not texting each other for almost two weeks! omg omg omg... What should I do??? It's not that I don't like him but I like someone else more (Zd). I don't want to be in a relationship with anybody when I'm thinking about somebody else. It's not fair to him even though the other side is and will not ever like me in that way. What am I to do? We've been friends for 3 years plus and I don't want because of a little tiny (kinda) mistake that I made effects our friendship. Plus we we were in the same class during diploma time. It's not fun to have that awkward moment whenever the gang decides to have a reunion like this coming one. Even that one I'm still not confirm of going or not. My dad prohibited me of going of there are no other girls joining. Wait till he hears about how much we have to pay. LOL. All joking aside... what am I to do with Hs?? I'm getting too old for drama...

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Feb. 17th, 2010 | 04:39 pm
feeling |: complacent complacent
my anti-drug | : Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

ugghhh..... I don't get how some people said they don't like this and that but they still do this and that or how they don't agree with it but still doing it. Take for example of what happened just now after class. The other local girl, Ah told the lecturer that she don't want to group with all guys. She had a hard time of talking and telling the lecturer and her supposed-to-be group members how she is a girl and it's dangerous to be in a group with all guys and she thought the lecturer divide the group where there are also a girl as a member until the lecturer agrees for her to change group even though her "group members" doesn't agree with it as they will have to find a new member on such a short notice. Know what did I find out? Her new group members are also all guys though of a different skin colour. Hypocrite much? Racism much? She's the same age as I am but I think my social maturity is much more than her. She don't want to have anything to do with the black people. I kept thinking of how she will feel if by some force of nature, she's studying in a place where she's the only Asian in a sea of black and nobody is befriending her coz she's white. It's the same as these guys I bet. They are far away from home and only have each other to survive in another country. Having local friends are good as they can help them the way of this country. Am I right? If she's this choosy in having friends, I don't know what is going to happen to her once she work in a company. Then there is the matter of being rude and not answering. A classmate, Md, wants to talk with her or something. He called her name a few times and even knocked on the table but did she answer? Nope. Nada. Zilch. She didn't even turn around towards him. When he wants to throw the chair at her, then only she answer.......in a rude way of course. I mean I don't blame her of acting that way but when people call her, she's suppose to answer or give an indication that she is listening. When she scold him of being rude and he could just call her name, and he said he did and she didn't answer, then only she kept quiet. I think in shame or something.....I dunno. She's weird. Without her friend Aq, I think she'll be friendless with that attitude. Atleast I answer to people even if it is a stupid question to ask coz I believe in karma. Who knows, sometimes in the near future it could happen to me also if I continue being a b!tch to other people.

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Feb. 16th, 2010 | 09:01 pm
feeling |: pissed off pissed off
my anti-drug | : Round Table feat Nino - Puzzle

Earlier today I went back to my college coz the short break for CNY is ending and I have class tomorrow. The good news is there's water!!! The gazillion bad news is I'm bringing a couple of pomelo fruits back for my foreigner friends to taste as it is famous in my hometown. It's heavy and my mode of transportation are by train and then interchange to another train before taking a taxi back to my hostel. God knows how stuffy the second train are. Not only it's the hot season add with lots and lots of people and not so high air-cond.......gah!!! I'm dying of the heat. When I arrive back to my hostel/apartment, what do I see? The place is dirty!!!!!! I left it in a clean condition and I come back to this??? And my housemate is nowhere to be found. Not only that but the rice cooker had been switched on for god knows how long (the rice inside had turn BROWN), the kitchen sink is full with dishes and cookware and my only pair of shoes is missing!! Together with my sandals! And I have lab this Thursday which I must wear shoes or I'll be getting "Stay out of the lab!", by my lecturer or the lab assistant. -_-||| Where can I get shoes on such short notice?? Why do I have such a #$#%&@# housemate???? Ugh. My life sucks.

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Feb. 15th, 2010 | 09:46 am
feeling |: awake awake
my anti-drug | : sound of the fan blowing

Although it's a bit late but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!! The day was started with us going to my parents friend's, Uncle KW and Aunty PP house around noon coz they invite us for lunch at their home with some other friends who are also friends with my parents. They used to work together early in the days before being transferred everywhere around Malaysia! It's good that they still keep in touch even after being separated for sooooo long. After long last........ I finally get to see my mushroom again!  I miss you my mashi!!!! Or rather my tummy misses you. LOL. So we the kids ate while all the grown up talks with each other. After all, they have a lot of catching up to do since they only meet once or twice a year. This is what we ate:


We have mushroom and mushroom and fish and veggie and more mushroom!!!!! xD though we did ate them with some rice of fried bihun but I'm not complaining.

After that, we went to Uncle L's house. My mom said he dub himself as my godfather coz when I was a tiny baby, he always comes and visit. When I ask my dad, he didn't deny it so yeah I guess he's my god father then. There we ate KFC!! OMG he bought a bucket and expect us 6 to finish all of it. I mean it's not like I didn't like it but my tummy is almost FULL!! There my dad talk and talk and talk with occasional input from mom and I and sometimes my sisters until its 4pm? I didn't notice the time when we make our move. Uncle L's sister asked me to come whenever I feel like coming though :3 and I guess I can come once I finish studying or whenever I'm back home for the holidays or something. They live together even until their old age and not being married! I still can't believe that even after all this years. They are reaching their 70s already.

Then, we went to Greentown Mall coz my sister wanted to see some pets but it's closed for the celebration. LOL. So we went around and find some cloth to make our outfit for our Raya celebration later this year. This year's theme is Nescafe Gold. It was hard to find the right shade coz there are so much cloths!! 

This is just one row and they have rows and rows and rows of it. But we manage to find 2 colours that match the theme although when we went to buy my dad's ready made clothes, it's of different shade from the theme. LOL. I guess dad have to find another one sometimes later.

I was thinking of bringing a couple of Tambun's pomelo back for the guys in class. I asked the other local girl in my class, Ah, if she have Ae's number and she was like why would I want his number. I don't get it why must she be so defensive of it. It's not like I asked for her bf's number or something. I know she don't like me but is it my fault that I don't have Ae's new number after he lost his phone?? I only wanted to ask if the boys can share if I bring back only a couple of the fruit since it's so big and heavy. I mean every time I go back to my hometown and then come back to college, they always ask me whether I bring something back for them or not and I'm trying to do something good here and bring something that's famous from my hometown to them and it's all giving me happy thoughts but it's kinda being knocked down a few inches by that girl. Ugh!! Sometimes I hate being friends with girls. She ruined my happy day just by her attitude.

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Feb. 13th, 2010 | 02:21 pm
staying static at |: my chair
feeling |: blank blank
my anti-drug | : N'sync - This I Promise You

My friend from when I was doing my diploma text me at midnight saying that our friend Si wants to do a reunion at Pulau Redang in the middle of next month. If there are other girls going, maybe I'll go but I don't think they receive any news about it though coz usually when there are things that involves the guys in our class, I'm the first one to know about it. Sometimes it sucks when I have to be the rep for the girls. But then I was thinking, why do Si wants to do it so far away? I know Redang is beautiful but it's too far and he wants to do it in the middle of the semester!! I don't know if anybody can come since march is one of the crucial time for us students coz of assignments due and tests for others. Maybe I'll ask some other people opinion later.

Then I was playing with my babies earlier when one decides to poop on me. WTH??? She haven't done that since a few weeks ago (when it's the last time i saw her though). Thank god she's cute. Here is how Chubby looks like:

Isn't she cuuuuteeee?? And she likes to get her photo taken too!

Then my sister was showing us her clothes for the Golden Night or something like that. She's wearing a half kimono that's purple in colour. It's a nice outfit I think. This is what it looks like:

Though it's on a different model. LOL. It made me think of the Japanese fisherman during the old days. You know where they wear this kind of kimono while fishing or just lazying around. I got hit for saying that to my sister though. -_-|||

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living essentials

Feb. 11th, 2010 | 11:24 pm
feeling |: indescribable indescribable
my anti-drug | : Lit - Happy In The Meantime

I was woken up by my friend this morning at 6 freaking am asking whether my block have water or not. -_-||| Thankfully my block still have water and I did actually remembered to safe water in my pails. With that scare, instead of going back to my hometown tomorrow, I went back today. Have to burn my ticket though and buy a new one in Kuala Lumpur. Thank god there's still tickets left. I was scared of there being no more tickets left coz of the Chinese New Year.

There's nothing exciting happened in class today. Wy came to class today late and ask me where Hl is. When he knows that Hl didn't come, Wy said if he had known, he also won't be coming to class today. Stupid reason I tell you. Is it so wrong to be in class even if there's only me in our group of friends??? Can you believe it that Wy whined when I told him that we have to get our assignment brief today from Mdm. S's room??? He's a guy for gods sake and it's getting his assignment brief also. I'm not like his old girlfriend who did everything for him. I'm his friend who wants us to pass our degree together which means we have to do our work together and no tolerating laziness. Am I right? I mean I know I'm not perfect like his girl but am I that bad for him not wanting to hangout with me?? After all I am the only other local girl in class and we were from the same university for our diploma. It's only normal for us to help each other out and keep each other company or something. Sometimes I feel like it's hard to be a girl in a guy dominated place. -sighs-

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thunder and flowers

Feb. 10th, 2010 | 10:43 pm
feeling |: bitchy bitchy
my anti-drug | : Rin and Len kagamine - Kokoro Kiseki

Since everybody is having a journal or a blog of some sort,
i decided to have one too xD
where i can express everything i felt needs expressing
or just to fill up my time from doing nothing =P

Oh wellzz.....

Today was suppose to be a good day when i was early to class for once this week (and it's already the middle of the week ><) when this girl in my class decided my shirt is too short when it wasn't..! Sure when I bend down it shows some skin when it rides up but what shirt doesn't?? And she have the nerve to ignore me when I advised her to chose her group faster for our project this semester. But did she listen to me? Of course not and she make it like it's my fault that she's grouped with three foreign guys that she doesn't know. Who ask her not to choose her own group members like me? Atleast I have one local student in my group coz I requested from the lecturer. It's not my fault she doesn't heed my advice. So now she ignores me in class and out of the classroom. Is it my fault???

Lets not forget my housemate. She knocked on my room earlier this morning to ask if she can borrow my black shoes and I was like ok go on ahead. And this evening when she came back, my shoe laces are totally different from what I tied it before..!! I mean I didn't mind when she wants to borrow it but atleast re-tie the laces or something. Grrr.... I feel like chocking her pretty head off.

On the plus side, one of my friend got her results for last sem and she pass with flying colours!! That's when she said to treat me to dinner. Yay!!! We walked at the night market for an hour just to find what to eat and I think I may had bought too much. >.<"
There's lots and lots of oranges and some more from my housemate and omg how am I suppose to finish all the foods???

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