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Feb. 15th, 2010 | 09:46 am
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Although it's a bit late but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!! The day was started with us going to my parents friend's, Uncle KW and Aunty PP house around noon coz they invite us for lunch at their home with some other friends who are also friends with my parents. They used to work together early in the days before being transferred everywhere around Malaysia! It's good that they still keep in touch even after being separated for sooooo long. After long last........ I finally get to see my mushroom again!  I miss you my mashi!!!! Or rather my tummy misses you. LOL. So we the kids ate while all the grown up talks with each other. After all, they have a lot of catching up to do since they only meet once or twice a year. This is what we ate:


We have mushroom and mushroom and fish and veggie and more mushroom!!!!! xD though we did ate them with some rice of fried bihun but I'm not complaining.

After that, we went to Uncle L's house. My mom said he dub himself as my godfather coz when I was a tiny baby, he always comes and visit. When I ask my dad, he didn't deny it so yeah I guess he's my god father then. There we ate KFC!! OMG he bought a bucket and expect us 6 to finish all of it. I mean it's not like I didn't like it but my tummy is almost FULL!! There my dad talk and talk and talk with occasional input from mom and I and sometimes my sisters until its 4pm? I didn't notice the time when we make our move. Uncle L's sister asked me to come whenever I feel like coming though :3 and I guess I can come once I finish studying or whenever I'm back home for the holidays or something. They live together even until their old age and not being married! I still can't believe that even after all this years. They are reaching their 70s already.

Then, we went to Greentown Mall coz my sister wanted to see some pets but it's closed for the celebration. LOL. So we went around and find some cloth to make our outfit for our Raya celebration later this year. This year's theme is Nescafe Gold. It was hard to find the right shade coz there are so much cloths!! 

This is just one row and they have rows and rows and rows of it. But we manage to find 2 colours that match the theme although when we went to buy my dad's ready made clothes, it's of different shade from the theme. LOL. I guess dad have to find another one sometimes later.

I was thinking of bringing a couple of Tambun's pomelo back for the guys in class. I asked the other local girl in my class, Ah, if she have Ae's number and she was like why would I want his number. I don't get it why must she be so defensive of it. It's not like I asked for her bf's number or something. I know she don't like me but is it my fault that I don't have Ae's new number after he lost his phone?? I only wanted to ask if the boys can share if I bring back only a couple of the fruit since it's so big and heavy. I mean every time I go back to my hometown and then come back to college, they always ask me whether I bring something back for them or not and I'm trying to do something good here and bring something that's famous from my hometown to them and it's all giving me happy thoughts but it's kinda being knocked down a few inches by that girl. Ugh!! Sometimes I hate being friends with girls. She ruined my happy day just by her attitude.

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