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Feb. 16th, 2010 | 09:01 pm
feeling |: pissed off pissed off
my anti-drug | : Round Table feat Nino - Puzzle

Earlier today I went back to my college coz the short break for CNY is ending and I have class tomorrow. The good news is there's water!!! The gazillion bad news is I'm bringing a couple of pomelo fruits back for my foreigner friends to taste as it is famous in my hometown. It's heavy and my mode of transportation are by train and then interchange to another train before taking a taxi back to my hostel. God knows how stuffy the second train are. Not only it's the hot season add with lots and lots of people and not so high air-cond.......gah!!! I'm dying of the heat. When I arrive back to my hostel/apartment, what do I see? The place is dirty!!!!!! I left it in a clean condition and I come back to this??? And my housemate is nowhere to be found. Not only that but the rice cooker had been switched on for god knows how long (the rice inside had turn BROWN), the kitchen sink is full with dishes and cookware and my only pair of shoes is missing!! Together with my sandals! And I have lab this Thursday which I must wear shoes or I'll be getting "Stay out of the lab!", by my lecturer or the lab assistant. -_-||| Where can I get shoes on such short notice?? Why do I have such a #$#%&@# housemate???? Ugh. My life sucks.

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