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of lemons and sand

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Apr. 9th, 2010 | 04:04 am
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 Doing group project at the last minute is tiring. Why oh why did I not learn from my past mistake??? Plus I should have known that grouping with guys is giving me headaches. All they know is referring to me (as the only girl) to start the project etc etc. One member is a sleeping partner. He did not even do anything...!!! All he know is talk like he knows it all while he did not even understand the circuit or even some of the components!!! It's usually us three (me, Hl, Wy) that did it all and search for everything that is needed. He only knows shopping, shopping and shopping....I swear he is like a girl!!! Even worst than me! Today is the second day we have a mini sleep-over at Hl's house. LOL. And I'm the only girls....I'm scared for my safety!!!! nuuuuu!!!! >.< But then again, tomorrow is the day we present our project demo so today is the last day we're going to get together like this without feeling guilty T.T 

Our project is still not finish. I'm worried here. The course mark for this is 70%....!! That's a lot!!! I hope we can finish this by tonight. I'm tired of sleeping at 5am or 6am only to be awake in the next 2 hours for class. At least my part of the work is done! LOL. Since the sleeping partner not doing an work, I have to take over his job instead of just doing the report and log book. So that means my work is double!! Oh noes!! I hate that guy...Really really really hate him...!!!!!

I'll put the pictures of our project in my next post  as I'm using Hl's laptop and he didn't have pictures!!!! :)
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