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thunder and flowers

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Feb. 10th, 2010 | 10:43 pm
feeling |: bitchy bitchy
my anti-drug | : Rin and Len kagamine - Kokoro Kiseki

Since everybody is having a journal or a blog of some sort,
i decided to have one too xD
where i can express everything i felt needs expressing
or just to fill up my time from doing nothing =P

Oh wellzz.....

Today was suppose to be a good day when i was early to class for once this week (and it's already the middle of the week ><) when this girl in my class decided my shirt is too short when it wasn't..! Sure when I bend down it shows some skin when it rides up but what shirt doesn't?? And she have the nerve to ignore me when I advised her to chose her group faster for our project this semester. But did she listen to me? Of course not and she make it like it's my fault that she's grouped with three foreign guys that she doesn't know. Who ask her not to choose her own group members like me? Atleast I have one local student in my group coz I requested from the lecturer. It's not my fault she doesn't heed my advice. So now she ignores me in class and out of the classroom. Is it my fault???

Lets not forget my housemate. She knocked on my room earlier this morning to ask if she can borrow my black shoes and I was like ok go on ahead. And this evening when she came back, my shoe laces are totally different from what I tied it before..!! I mean I didn't mind when she wants to borrow it but atleast re-tie the laces or something. Grrr.... I feel like chocking her pretty head off.

On the plus side, one of my friend got her results for last sem and she pass with flying colours!! That's when she said to treat me to dinner. Yay!!! We walked at the night market for an hour just to find what to eat and I think I may had bought too much. >.<"
There's lots and lots of oranges and some more from my housemate and omg how am I suppose to finish all the foods???

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