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Feb. 11th, 2010 | 11:24 pm
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my anti-drug | : Lit - Happy In The Meantime

I was woken up by my friend this morning at 6 freaking am asking whether my block have water or not. -_-||| Thankfully my block still have water and I did actually remembered to safe water in my pails. With that scare, instead of going back to my hometown tomorrow, I went back today. Have to burn my ticket though and buy a new one in Kuala Lumpur. Thank god there's still tickets left. I was scared of there being no more tickets left coz of the Chinese New Year.

There's nothing exciting happened in class today. Wy came to class today late and ask me where Hl is. When he knows that Hl didn't come, Wy said if he had known, he also won't be coming to class today. Stupid reason I tell you. Is it so wrong to be in class even if there's only me in our group of friends??? Can you believe it that Wy whined when I told him that we have to get our assignment brief today from Mdm. S's room??? He's a guy for gods sake and it's getting his assignment brief also. I'm not like his old girlfriend who did everything for him. I'm his friend who wants us to pass our degree together which means we have to do our work together and no tolerating laziness. Am I right? I mean I know I'm not perfect like his girl but am I that bad for him not wanting to hangout with me?? After all I am the only other local girl in class and we were from the same university for our diploma. It's only normal for us to help each other out and keep each other company or something. Sometimes I feel like it's hard to be a girl in a guy dominated place. -sighs-

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From: ext_224731
Date: Feb. 12th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)

yeah it's hard...
but i know u can face it till the end...

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