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Feb. 13th, 2010 | 02:21 pm
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My friend from when I was doing my diploma text me at midnight saying that our friend Si wants to do a reunion at Pulau Redang in the middle of next month. If there are other girls going, maybe I'll go but I don't think they receive any news about it though coz usually when there are things that involves the guys in our class, I'm the first one to know about it. Sometimes it sucks when I have to be the rep for the girls. But then I was thinking, why do Si wants to do it so far away? I know Redang is beautiful but it's too far and he wants to do it in the middle of the semester!! I don't know if anybody can come since march is one of the crucial time for us students coz of assignments due and tests for others. Maybe I'll ask some other people opinion later.

Then I was playing with my babies earlier when one decides to poop on me. WTH??? She haven't done that since a few weeks ago (when it's the last time i saw her though). Thank god she's cute. Here is how Chubby looks like:

Isn't she cuuuuteeee?? And she likes to get her photo taken too!

Then my sister was showing us her clothes for the Golden Night or something like that. She's wearing a half kimono that's purple in colour. It's a nice outfit I think. This is what it looks like:

Though it's on a different model. LOL. It made me think of the Japanese fisherman during the old days. You know where they wear this kind of kimono while fishing or just lazying around. I got hit for saying that to my sister though. -_-|||

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