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the Darkside have kOOkies

upS and downS of me

1 October 1988
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I am a girl who enjoys being boring coz for me being boring is fun and means more sleeping time for me :D I like being by myself most of the times but that doesn't mean I'm a loner. Far from it actually where I sometimes craves human company. I'm an electric and electronic engineering student currently majoring in communication. Maybe I'll change to majoring in control sometimes next semester but it's still in thinking. My life motto is 'you're never too old for animanga':3 and yes that do means animanga is kind of my anti-drug other than music. Since I always telling my mother or sister the stuffs that's been happening to me until they're bored, I decided to relieve them of the torture and start to pour all my inner thoughts in here. Hope something good will come out of this :P